BS SERIES Welding Wire Basket Spools for Sale

Bs series
Our advanced Bs series spools guarantee seamless high-speed winding, boosting productivity and achieving up to 10% in economic savings.
Specifically devised for layer winding, the BS spool delivers unmatched precision across all standard wire diameters, thanks to its consistent spool width and the spooling machine adapter’s precision.
Transit safety is assured by the spool’s robust construction, while the highly adherent plastic coating offers impressive resistance against both impacts and wear.
The BS spool’s compatibility with the welding machine eliminates the need for an additional adapter. This is because the spool’s hole diameter perfectly fits the feed unit’s hub. Furthermore, the hole’s exact roundness and stringent tolerances ensure smooth unwinding.
Our BS spool adheres to the standards set by SPOOL BS 300 UNI EN ISO 544:2011, table 4.
Ready to address the rigorous environmental standards of today and tomorrow, our spools are eco-friendly. They emit no harmful gases or residues when melted for recycling, and their disposal cost is minimal. This makes our spools a responsible choice for the environment and for your budget.