K SERIES Welding Wire Basket Spools for Sale

Our top-tier wire spools, crafted from copper-drawn steel wire with a diameter of 4.0 mm, are available in their natural state or with a protective plastic coating. Unlike BS spools, these spools aren’t tied down by stringent geometry or tolerance requirements, allowing them to carry wire weights up to 15 kg.
These spools are designed for medium to high-speed winding, making them ideal for both random and layer winding applications. The plastic coating employed ensures superior adhesion, providing resistance against impacts and wear during transit.
To attach the spool to the welding machine, an adapter is necessary to accommodate the feed unit’s hub.
In keeping with evolving environmental standards, our spools are designed to be eco-friendly. When recycled, they don’t release harmful gases or residues. Predominantly, the plastic decomposes into steam, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the disposal costs associated with these spools are minimal, making them a cost-effective and environmentally responsible choice.